HC Deb 28 February 1906 vol 152 cc1146-7
MR. CLANCY (Dublin County, N,)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether, in view of the fact that of the thirty-one grounds allotted for the games of football and hurling in the Phœnix Park, Dublin, only two are allotted to the members of the Gaelic Athletic Association, while the remaining grounds are given up to the use of the clubs which follow Association rules, he will say what is the reason for this attempt at boycotting Irish games by the Board of Works in Dublin; and whether the Board will be directed to make a more equitable distribution of the amusements grounds in the Phœnix Park between the Gaelic Athletic Association clubs and the other clubs mentioned.


There are thirty-one football grounds in the Phœnix Park and one separate ground for hurling. Of the football grounds twenty nine are allotted for Association football and two for Gaelic football. In making this allotment regard is had to the respective number of players of the two games. From 1st September, 1905, when the football season opened, to the 14th ultimo the number of applications received from Association clubs was 1,784, an average in round numbers of sixty per ground. During the same period the number of applications from Gaelic clubs was twenty-six, an average of thirteen per ground.

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