HC Deb 27 February 1906 vol 152 cc1016-7

To ask the First Lord of the Treasury, if he can, in reply to this Question or by the issue of a Parliamentary Paper, state the daily hours and annual periods during which the representative chambers of the United States, of the principal European countries, of Japan, and of our self-governing Colonies meet in session, i.e., the approximate dates in the year when they are usually convened and discharged from their duties, and the hours of the day when such respective bodies ordinarily meet and adjourn; whether he can give similar information in the case of the House of Commons, say from the middle of the eighteenth century up to the present time; and, if it is not practicable to fully furnish this information without undue trouble and delay, will he give such of it as is more readily available to Government officials.

(Sir Henry Campbell - Bannerman.) The information asked for in the first part of this Question will be found in Parliamentary Paper Cd. 907. With reference to the duration of daily and yearly sittings of the House of Commons, I will see whether a Paper can be laid giving the greater part at least of the information required.