HC Deb 26 February 1906 vol 152 c785
MR. H. H. MARKS (Kent, Thanet)

I bog to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether he can state the number of foreign subjects who hold pilotage certificates enabling them to pilot their vessels in or out of British ports, and the nationality of the holders of such certificates; and whether foreigners to whom such certificates are granted are subjected to the condition imposed upon British subjects in the London pilotage district, viz., that they shall furnish proof that they are well affected towards His Majesty the King and His Government.


On the 31st March last, certificates enabling their holders to pilot in British compulsory pilotage waters the vessels of which they were masters or mates, were held by eighty-five foreign subjects, viz., two Belgians, three Danes, forty-one Dutchmen, thirteen Frenchmen, ten Germans, three Russians and thirteen Swedes. Of these eighty-five certificates, seventy-one had been issued by the Trinity House, who are the pilotage authority for the London district, and I am informed by them that the condition referred to by the hon. Member is not imposed upon either British or foreign candidates for such certificates. Of the other fourteen cases I have no definite information. I am informed that the condition referred to is in accordance with long-standing custom, imposed by the Trinity House upon all candidates for pilot's licences, which are quite distinct from the pilotage certificates granted to masters and mates.