HC Deb 20 December 1906 vol 167 c1693
MR. POWER (Waterford, E.)

To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, where lands liable to quit routs in Ireland are sold under the provisions of the Land Act of 1903 on what terms is quit rent extinguished, to what purpose are moneys obtained by the extinction of quit rent applied, and is the interest of moneys paid to the Treasury from the sale of lands in Ireland liable to quit rent devoted to any Irish purpose.

(Answered by Mr. McKenna.) Quit rents payable for lands sold under Irish Land Acts are redeemed out of the purchase money at a price which is equivalent to twenty-five years' purchase. The purchase moneys become part of the capital of the Land Revenues of the Crown, which, under the Crown Lands Acts, has to be applied in purchasing lands for the Crown in the United Kingdom, or in redemption of charges and incumbrances on Crown lands. As I have explained on several previous occasions, the surplus annual revenue from the Crown lands is paid into Exchequer annually in accordance with the Crown Lands Acts, and is not set apart for any special porpose.