HC Deb 11 December 1906 vol 167 cc128-9
MR. BOTTOMLEY (Hackney, S.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether it is the universal custom in British Embassy chapels in foreign countries, other than in Turkey, that prayers are offered up for the ruling sovereigns; and, if so, what is the reason; for the exception in the case of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan of Turkey.


The question, of offering up prayers for the ruling sovereigns is a part of the spiritual administration of British Embassy chapels and is left to the discretion of the chaplain in each case. (Regulation 13, Act 6, George IV, cap. 87.) I have, therefore, not inquired into what the existing practice may be in any of the chapels.


asked whether he was to understand that it was left entirely to the discretion of the chaplain as to what sovereign he was to pray for at the expense of the nation.


said it was left to his discretion. High ecclesiastical authorities were, he reminded the hon. Member often very reluctant to interfere in a question of ritual, and he had no intention of rushing in where high ecclesiastical authorities feared to tread.