HC Deb 10 December 1906 vol 166 cc1540-1

I bog to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty how many of the eighty-five torpedo boats on the list would be required to undertake in war duties similar to those allotted to torpedo boats Nos. 65 to 73, and whether only thirty of the eighty-five torpedo boats on the list have any serious fighting value; and how many of those of the remaining fifty-five which took part in the recent manœuvres proved themselves incapable of attaining their estimated speed of seventeen to eighteen knots.


I can only refer the hon. Member to the detailed statement made in reply to his previous question on the 2nd August. ‡ As regards the second part, it is not considered desirable to † See (4) Debates, clxv., 1190. ‡ See (4) Debates, clxii. 1343. publish details of the speeds attained by warships during the recent manœuvres.