HC Deb 06 December 1906 vol 166 cc1192-3

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland is he aware that for some time past negotiations for sale to the tenants † See (4) Debates, cliii., 742. have been in progress on the Stafford Delmege property around Glenbrohane and Garryspillane, in the county Limerick, that on the Glenbrohane side there have boon established later than January 1st, 1901, two tenancies which in purchase will run beyond the statutory limit of £500, and on the Garryspillane side it is sought to establish another tenancy which could not be bought at less than £4,000, the number of acres being 145; can he say whether these sales will be sanctioned by the Land Commission, or will those difficulties militate against the sale of the entire estate; and will the Estates Commissioners, when the opportunity presents itself, purchase the untenanted lands on the estate for the benefit of the labourers and the tenants on uneconomic holdings.


The Estates Commissioners inform me that they have received an originating application asking them to declare the lands of Mr. Stafford Delmege of Glenbrohane and Garryspillane to be an estate for the purposes of the Act, but no purchase agreements have yet been lodged. Before declaring the lands to be an estate or receiving purchase agreements the Commissioners will carefully inquire into the facts and, in dealing with the matter, will have due regard to the provisions of the law. The Commissioners are always ready to acquire untenanted land for the purposes of the Act, but they are not at present able to state what they may do in regard to this particular estate.