HC Deb 05 December 1906 vol 166 cc968-9
MR. COGAN (Wicklow E.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that, owing to the defective and incomplete condition in which Greystones pier and harbour were left by the Board of Works, the late Grand Jury of the county Wicklow, and subsequently the county council, refused to take over possession of the harbour; that it has been steadily and swiftly crumbling away ever since, and that, as a result, the fishermen and others for whose benefit it was intended can make no use of it; and whether, having regard to the sum of public money for the repayment of which the ratepayers are responsible, and under all the circumstances of the case, he will take the necessary steps to see that the Board of Works will put the harbour in a proper state of repair.


The pier at Greystones when completed was transferred under the Public Works Acts Amendment (Ireland) Act of 1853 to the Grand Jury of the county of Wicklow who thereby became charged with its maintenance. I understand that the transfer was objected to. Since the transfer serious settlements have occurred at the pier head, but it is not correct, I am informed, to state that it has crumbled away, nor does the condition of the pier head prevent fishermen or others from using the pier. The repayment of the Board of Works loan, to which the hon. Member refers, is now almost completed, only five half-yearly instalments of £34 6s. 9d. remaining to be paid. On the other hand, the expenditure which would be required in order to repair the pier is very large, and I believe unjustified by the condition of the fishing industry at Greystones, which appears to have decayed from general causes. My hon. friend is therefore not prepared to advise a grant from public funds in this case.


expressed a hope that the Chief Secretary would give the matter his personal attention. Five years ago the right hon. Gentleman's predecessor said he was inquiring into it, but the fishery industry at Greystones was being ruined through the pier and harbour being in such an unsatisfactory condition. It would be a lovely run from Dublin for the right hon. Gentleman.