HC Deb 03 December 1906 vol 166 cc587-8
MR. SEARS (Cheltenham)

I beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer whether it is necessary to maintain in the Inland Revenue Department at Somerset House two sets of highly-paid officials to advise the Board, one set with trained and practical experience fitting them to deal with all departmental questions, the other set a clerical staff possessing only piper experience obtained by reading the reports and opinions of the practical men; is he aware that the Board, who are appointed without practical experience, are surrounded by the clerical staff and do not come into direct touch with the practical men, although they are located in the same building; that the clerical staff act as carriers of the reports and papers pro-pared by the practical officials, who must be more competent to explain their own reports and to advise the Board; will he consider whether it would be conducive to greater efficiency and simplify and cheapen the work of the Department, and generally be to the advantage of the Inland Revenue service, for the Board to be in direct touch with their practical advisers, and make such advisers the read heads of the Department.


the Board of Inland Revenue are unable to admit the correctness of the suggestions conveyed by this Question. In their opinion, which is based on long experience, the present organisation of the office would not be improved in regard either to efficiency or simplicity by the changes suggested. The matter is one which cannot be adequately dealt with in answer to a Question.


Was this reply furnished to the right hon. Gentleman by officials who would be detrimentally affected by a reform of the service?


The reply is given on my own authority, and I have satisfied myself as to the accuracy of it.