HC Deb 01 August 1906 vol 162 cc1042-3

To ask the Prime Minister, what are the reasons why he declines to recommend the appointment of an Irish medical man on the Royal Commission on the Poor Law to fill the vacancy created by the death of The O'Conor Don; and whether, as the Irish medical profession is vitally concerned in the investigations of the Royal Commission so far as regards Ireland, he will reconsider the matter.

(Answered by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.) I do not see my way to reconsider this matter in the sense desired by the hon. Member. The selection of members of Royal Commissions is governed by general considerations, and in any fresh appointment that may be made to the Royal Commission on the Poor Law the hon. Member may be sure that regard will be had to the Commissioner's qualifications for dealing with the Poor Law as it is administered in Ireland. It does not follow that, because Irish Poor Law medical officers are interested in the inquiry, the appointment of an Irish medical gentleman would necessarily be the most fitting to make.