HC Deb 26 April 1906 vol 156 c30

I wish to ask the First Commissioner of Works whether any new contract has been recently made for the right to place chairs in the parks and to sell refreshments in the Kiosks; for how many years chairs were allowed to be placed in the parks without anything being paid for the right of doing so; when was the first payment made, and what was the amount; what amount was received last year; and, if any new contract has been made, what will be the amount paid during the present year.


The reply to the first Question is in the affirmative. No payment was received for chairs until 1896. In 1896–7 the sum received was £1,105, and in 1905–6, £1,210. A new contract has been made which will increase the receipts for the present year to £2,780. As regards refreshment Kiosks, certain re-arrangements have recently been under settlement for Regent's Park, Greenwich Park, etc., but they are not yet all settled, and the extra receipts cannot be finally stated.