HC Deb 14 March 1905 vol 142 cc1391-2
MR. O'KELLY (Mayo, N.)

I beg, in accordance with private notice, to ask Mr. Attorney-General for Ireland: whether he can make any general statement as to the measures now in force for the relief of distress in the West of Ireland, giving, amongst other particulars, the names of counties which have adopted Clause 13 of the Local Government Act; the names of unions which have adopted Clause 13; the number and nature of the works sanctioned in each union which has adopted Clause 13, and the number sanctioned for employment in each electoral division; and the conditions under which the guardians have been; allowed to employ men on works sanctioned under Clause 13.


The counties which have adopted Clause 13 are Galway, Mayo, and Cavan. The unions which have adopted the clause are Bawnboy, county Cavan; Oughterard, Galway, Clifden, county Galway; Swineford, Westport and Belmullet, county Mayo. The number of divisions for which works have been started is as follows:—In Bawnboy Union, 6; in Oughterard Union, 11; in Clifden Union, 9; in Galway Union, not yet stated; in Swineford Union, 15; in Westport Union, 6; in Belmullet Union, 15; The works consist of road construction and repairs, road fencing, clearing drains, etc. The numbers relieved by the operation of Section 13, apart from ordinary outdoor relief, according to the returns received last week were, in Bawnboy Union, 1, 099 persons; Belmullet Union, 1, 148 persons; Oughterard Union, 1, 781 persons. Works were only opened recently in Swineford and Clifden Unions, and information of the, numbers relieved has not yet been received. The schemes proposed in Galway Union have not so far been submitted to the Local Government Board. In reply to the concluding inquiry, each person employed is required to work for eight hours daily. The daily wage does not exceed one shilling, except in cases of very large families.