HC Deb 07 March 1905 vol 142 c574
*MR. BARLOW (Somersetshire, Frome)

I beg to ask the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that three female telegraphists, who have been appointed at Bath Post Office for several years, have received orders that they are to be compulsorily removed to other towns, and given the choice of Exeter and Birmingham; if so, will he say whether they were informed at the time of their appointment at Bath that they were to be sent away from their homes at short notice; and whether he will investigate the circumstances of the case and consider the advisability of retaining the young women at the offices at which they were appointed.

THE POSTMASTER-GENERAL (Lord STANLEY, Lancashire, Westhoughton)

The exigencies of the service at Bath, where there is much night duty to be done, render it necessary to substitute three men sorting clerks and telegraphists for three women. I have accordingly decided to transfer from Bath the three junior female officers. The present state of the work at Bath could not be anticipated at the time of the appointment of these young ladies; but this circumstance should not, in my opinion, stand in the way of their removal from an office where their services are not required to one where they can be made useful. Reasonable removal expenses will be paid, and ample time will be allowed.