HC Deb 27 June 1905 vol 148 cc246-7

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War what is the total establishment of the reserve of officers, and if it provides, as in the United States, for filling vacancies in the, Regular Army on mobilisation, and also for the officering of irregular corps in the event of war; and how many officers are now in the reserve and available in the event of active service. † See page 89.


There is no fixed establishment of the reserve of officers. The reserve is intended to provide for the purposes stated in the Question so far as numbers will permit, but the composition and organisation of the reserve is at present under consideration. The number of officers on the strength amounts to 2,388, exclusive of 596 who are in various kinds of military, colonial, and other employment. Of the former number at least 20 per cent, must be deducted for medical unfitness as regards availability for active service. I consider the question of increasing the reserve of officers one of the most important of these which now engage the attention of the Army Council.