HC Deb 01 June 1905 vol 147 cc423-4

To ask the Secretary to the Board of Trade if he can state what is the total number of trade marks now registered in Great Britain, respectively, in London, Sheffield, and Manchester, and of this number how many belong to persons or firms existing outside the British Empire, and to what countries they belong.

(Answered by Mr. Bonar Law.) The total number of marks registered at the

Year. Rate of Duty per Gallon. Net Receipt of Revenue. Total Consumption. Consumption per head of population.
£ Gallons. Gallons.
1898–9 1s. and 2s. 6d. (In bottle, sparkling, 2s. additional) 1,399,100 16,864,992 0.42
1899–1900 In cask, 1s. 3d. and 3s. In bottle, still, 2s. 3d. and 4s. In bottle, sparkling, 3s. 9d. and 5s. 6 d. 1,729,540 17,148,183 0.42
1900–01 As in 1899–1900 1,488,453 15,088,155 0.37
1901–2 As in 1899–1900 1,449,687 14,865,530 0.36
1902–3 As in 1899–1900 1,523,856 15,399,432 0.37
1903–4 As in 1899–1900 1,335,792 13,442,206 0.32
1904–5 As in 1899–1900 1,185,508 11,912,892 0.28

Patent Office from 1st January, 1876, to 31st December, 1904, was 110,775, of which number 3,110 were registered in the Sheffield register, and 13,263 were registered in respect of cotton marks in Classes 23, 24, and 25. Of the above total 24,910 had been removed from the register at that date, leaving 85,865 still on the register. The number of Sheffield marks and cotton marks removed from the register is not known. No record has been kept of the numbers of the registered marks belonging to owners of different nationalities.