HC Deb 27 July 1905 vol 150 cc601-2
MR. BOLAND (Kerry, S.)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Agriculture whether he proposes to take any, and, if so, what steps to prevent the injury to the bee-keeping industry caused by foul brood; and whether he is aware of the extent to which the Irish bee-keeping industry has already suffered through the absence of legislation in this matter.


We have prepared and issued a leaflet on the subject of Foul Brood in Bees, of which over 18,000 copies have been issued since November last in directions in which it seemed likely to be of service. I shall be glad to supply the hon. Member with copies, and to consider any suggestions as to the manner in which the leaflet can be further utilised. A considerable number of county councils give instruction in bee-keeping in one form or another, including directions as to the manner in which foul brood should be dealt with, and our inspectors are instructed to keep the matter constantly in view. With regard to legislation, I am afraid that so far as Great Britain is concerned none could be undertaken with much hope of success until greater unanimity prevails amongst bee-keepers as to its necessity and advantages, and as to the general form it should take.


Is the hon. Gentleman not aware that in Ireland we are prepared for any legislation that may be necessary?


But there is not unanimity all over the United Kingdom on the subject.