HC Deb 27 July 1905 vol 150 cc611-3

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he can state the nature of the police report as to alleged shooting at the residence of Mr. E. Cole Magenis, of Drumdoe, near Boyle; and whether it is intended to prosecute any person in connection with the alleged occurrence.

MR. JAMES O'KELLY (Roscommon, N.)

I beg also to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord—Lieutenant of Ireland whether he has called for and obtained the reports of the district inspector of constabulary and the head constable of the locality in reference to the allegation that at a place near Boyle, in the county of Roscommon, the house of a man named Maginnis was fired into and a fight ensued for three hours, one man being wounded; whether inquiry into the matter has resulted in the discovery of any marks of the house in question having been fired into, or of the windows having been broken from the outside; and whether he will lay upon the Table the police reports.


The police investigation in this case has not yet been concluded, and I am, therefore, not at present in a position to make any further statement upon it.

MR. HAYDEN (Roscommon, S.)

Can the right hon. Gentleman say definitely whether there was any attack made on this house? Such a statement has been sent all over the country, and yet it is well known there was no attack.


I should hesitate to accept the latter statement as inquiries are being made. On the last occasion I said there were grave doubts whether an attack was made.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that only one window was broken during this five hours fight?

MR. JOHN REDMOND (Waterford)

Is it not the fact that a long sensational report appeared in the English papers ten days ago of a serious attack by armed men upon this house, and of a fight lasting three hours, men being wounded and carried off? Does not the right hon. Gentleman know that this statement was incorrect, and ought he not to correct it without allowing a long interval of time to elapse?


The hon. Gentleman forgets that when I was asked a Question by one of my hon. friends immediately after the occurrence, I said there must be two parties to a quarrel, and we had only been able to find one in this case. Again and again I have expressed from my place here my regret at the circulation of such reports as these without their being properly verified. The inquiries by the police into this case are proceeding, and the House may rest assured I will lose no time in concluding them and publishing the result. If there has been no attack I will take care the correction is issued.


It is a fortnight since the Question was first asked. How long are we to await the correction of this slander?


It is impossible for me to say how long the inquiry will take. Nobody is more desirious than I am that unfounded reports should not be circulated.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware the local police say there are no traces of any gun shots having been fired?


Will the right hon. Gentleman try and identify the ruffian who sent this out to the Press? He is to be found in Boyle town?


I will do my best to arrive at the facts.