HC Deb 27 February 1905 vol 141 cc1303-4

To ask the Secretary of State for India whether he has yet received a report from the Government of India (as promised on March 19th, 1904) in regard to the provision of adequate facilities for the vernacular education of the children employed or resident upon plantations in Assam and other planting districts in India; and, if so, will he state the purport of that report.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Brodrick.) I received in September last an interim reply from the Government of India, which shows that the subject is receiving attention. The report generally confirms what I understood to be the case, and stated in my reply to my hon. friend on March 18th last,† that the classes employed to labour on tea gardens do not display much desire for education for their children in any part of India; but it is hoped that it may be found possible to offer some special encouragement to induce them to do so, and the matter will not be overlooked. I shall receive further reports in due course.