HC Deb 27 February 1905 vol 141 cc1308-10

To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware of the resolution of the North Tipperary County Council, at their meeting on the 15th instant, in reference to the sum of £115 15s. 11d. amount of extra police tax, to the effect that the sum be struck out of the estimate submitted by the secretary, and that the levying of a rate to meet this amount be adjourned to give the council an opportunity of having the legality of slid tax considered owing to the fact that the first demand for a sum of £728 18s. 9d. made on the council was afterwards found to be illegal; and, if so, will he say under what powers this demand is made; and, further, in face of the crimeless condition of North Tipperary, he will consider the necessity for any extra police there.

(Answered by Mr. Wyndham.) I have seen the resolution. The claim made upon the county council in respect to the sum of £115 15s. 11d. was for the expenses of extra police drafted into certain districts of the county on ordinary detachment duty from other counties. Such charges have not been and will not be remitted. The reasons for the decision of the Government to withdraw charges amounting to £633 2s. 10d. have already been fully explained by me in this House, I refer to my replies to Questions addressed to me on this subject by my hon. friend the Member for Mid Armagh on the 24th† and 28th† March and 18th§

County. Union or District. Estate. Number of Dwellings recommended.
Wexford Gorey W. C. Moore. 2
Tipperary Tipperary (No. 1) Major P. J. Waldron 1
Cork Mallow Eliza Hardy and others 1
Tyrone Omagh King Houston 1
Wexford Wexford W. J. O'Neill 2
Cork Kanturk Reverend J. Sullivan 1
King's Roscrea (No. 2) W. H. Jackson 3
Down Newry (No. 1) Captain H. V. Brooke 1
Kildare Edenderry (No. 2>) George P. A. Colley 5
Cork Cork H. Hitchmough 2
Kildare Athy (No. 1) Duke of Leinster (Athy) 2
Kildare Naas (No. 1) Duke of Leinster (Naas) 2
Wexford Enniscorthy George Wilson 2
Londonderry Londonderry (No. 1) Lord Macnaghten 2
Londonderry Limavady Helen M. Cather 2
Wicklow Rathdrum Earl of Carysfort 2
Tyrone Strabane (No. 1) W. H. M. Sinclair 5
Total 36

The representations are engaging the consideration of the local authorities.

† See (4) Debates, cxxxii., 610.

§ See (4) Debates, cxxxii., 364

April, 1904. I may add that the county council having declined to make payment of the sum of £115 15s. 11d., the amount was deducted in March, 1904, from moneys payable to the council out of the Local Taxation Account, in pursuance of Section 80 (2) of The Local Government Act, 1898. There are no extra police at present in this county.