HC Deb 27 February 1905 vol 141 cc1299-300

To ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether the defences of Halifax and Esquimault, and all expenditure connected therewith, are to be taken over on July 1st by the Dominion Government and British forces withdrawn; and whether any arrangement has been arrived at for the repay- ment by Canada of any portion of the money spent by us in these places on works of a permanent character.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Lyttelton.) The Government of the Dominion of Canada last month offered to assume the responsibility of garrisoning Halifax and Esquimault with troops levied and paid under the authority of the Canadian Parliament. His Majesty's Government have gratefully accepted this patriotic offer, but no precise date has at present been fixed for this arrangement to come into operation. His Majesty's Government do not propose to ask the Government of Canada to repay any portion of the money spent by this country on permanent measures of defence at Halifax and Esquimault.