HC Deb 21 February 1905 vol 141 cc760-1

To ask the Secretary of State for India whether he is aware that representations have been made by the Cutchi inhabitants of Bombay, the Karachi Chamber of Commerce, and the Municipality of Hyderabad in favour of linking up, by a broad-gauge railway line, the province of Sind with the Bombay Presidency; and that the Rao of Cutch has visited the Governor at Bombay and intimated his intention to visit the Governor-General at Calcutta for the purpose of preventing this line passing through Cutch; and, if so, will an opportunity be given to the memorialists in its favour to reply to the Rao's objections.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Brodrick.) I am aware of the first of the three classes of representations referred to by the hon. Member. The Government of India will no doubt give due consideration to any substantial objections to the line that may be urged by the Rao of Cutch; but, as I stated in reply to a Question on the same subject on the 25th April£last year, I see no reason at present for doubting that the connection between Bombay and Sind will be carried out when funds are available. In their † See (4) Debates, cxxxiii., 1036. programme of railway construction for the year 1905–6 the Government of India have included an allotment of six lakhs for a line from Viramgam to Malia, which forms part of a projected connection with Sind through Cutch.