HC Deb 07 August 1905 vol 151 cc375-6

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if he will explain why the Guards regiments are obliged to wear in summer heavy cloth tunics, with crossbelts and pouches, a knapsack across the back of the shoulders, with a rolled cape lower down, and a heavy bearskin cap; if he will consider the possibility of substituting a lighter material for the dress tunic and do away with the other appendages, and change the bearskin cap for a white Kitchener helmet; and if he has received any complaints of the inconvenience and discomfort caused by the use of this uniform in hot weather.


It is not considered necessary to make any alterations in the existing uniform of the Guards; which has been worn by them for many years during the summer months without complaint. No knapsack is carried by the Guards, and the valise was abolished in July, 1904. On guard duty the men composing the firs relief carry great-coat, cape, two pouches, One pouch only is worn after the first relief.