HC Deb 03 August 1905 vol 151 c80
MR. HUGH LAW (Donegal, W.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India whether his attention has been called to the answer given on 8th July, 1905, by the Hon. MR. Carnduff in the Bengal Legislative Council to a series of questions asked by the Hon. Mr. Chandhuri, from which it is understood that the Government of Bengal contemplates appointing a member of the Indian Civil Service to the post of Director of Public Instruction as soon as it shall become vacant by the retirement of Mr. Pedler in March, 1906; and whether, in view of dissatisfaction caused by this announcement among the members of the Educational Service, and in all sections of society in India, he will state what action His Majesty's Government propose to take in the matter, in view of the effect which such an appointment would be likely to have upon recruiting for the Indian Educational Service.


I am aware that the Government of Bengal propose to appoint a member of the Indian Civil Service to succeed Mr. Pedler as Director of Public Instruction in March next. That office is not reserved for the Educational Service, and local Governments and Administrations have full discretion to fill it as may seem most for the advantage of the public service. I am not aware that the proposal has caused dissatisfaction in all sections of society in India; as regards the Educational Service, the Government of India has been informed by the Lieutenant-Governor that the arrangement contemplated will be for a period of from two to three years at most, and that he looks forward to a return at no distant date to the practice of selecting a Director from the Indian Educational Service. I do not propose to take any action in the matter.