HC Deb 17 April 1905 vol 145 cc286-7
MR. STEVENSON (Suffolk, Eye)

To ask the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will state the numbers and ranks of the European officers employed with the gendarmerie in the Macedonian provinces of Turkey, showing the places at which their headquarters are situated, and their nationality.

(Answered by Earl Percy.) In addition to General de Giorgis, the Italian General Officer appointed to supervise the reorganisation of the Macedonian gendarmerie, and the six Adjoints (nominated by Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Austria, France, and Germany respectively), none of whom are below the rank of colonel, there are forty-eight European officers employed with the Macedonian gendarmerie. This number is made up as follows: Great Britain, six; France, ten; Russia, eleven; Austria, eleven; Italy, ten. The six British officers, comprising two majors, one captain, and three lieutenants, who hold rank in the Turkish service of one lieutenant-colonel, two majors, and three captains, are employed in the Drama Sandjak, with their headquarters at Drama, Cavalla, and Dovlen. The ten French officers are employed in the Serres district, with their headquarters at Serres. The eleven Russian officers in the Salonica district have their headquarters at Salonica. The eleven Austrian officers in Uscub have their headquarters at Uscub, and the ten Italian officers in the Monastir Sandjak have their headquarters at Monastir, Ochrida, and Perlépé. The ranks of the foreign officers are not known.