HC Deb 14 April 1905 vol 145 c198
MR. DUFFY (Galway, S.)

To ask the Postmaster-General whether he will state what benefits will accrue under his recently published Memorandum to unestablished and rural auxiliary postmen in Ireland, doing five hours duty and upwards, who perform the work of regular postmen in country districts, and who are paid at the rate of Id. per hour, receiving wages less than 12s. par week; what change will be made in the condition and service of unestablished and rural auxiliaries who were appointed, prior to men now employed, on minor rural deliveries by the introduction of the house-to-house system some years ago; and whether he will take into consideration the increased responsibilities of this class, as well as established postmen, whose conditions of employment hitherto have shut them out from the benefits and privileges extended to all established postmen during the past ten years.

(Answered by Lord Stanley.) Unestablished and rural auxiliary postmen doing five hours duty and upwards, but not a full duty, are as a rule paid somewhat more than 4d. an hour. Their pay depends upon the scale assigned to the established postmen at the place from which they start, and where an improvement has been made in that scale these auxiliary postmen will benefit. I am not sure of the exact meaning of the latter part of the hon. Member's Question. Perhaps he will furnish me with concrete; instances.