HC Deb 03 April 1905 vol 144 cc120-1

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if he will state the numbers, exclusive of officers, of the Regular Army, borne on the Home and Colonial establishment, who, during the twelve months ending September 30th, 1904, or any more convenient day that year, were struck off the rolls in consequence of desertion, discharge for probable ineffectiveness, or for misconduct, invaliding, or death; and whether he can approximately calculate the money loss this wastage cost the United Kingdom.


The wastage during the year ending 30th September, 1904, was as follows:—Deserters (less deserters rejoined), 1,244; discharged as not likely to become efficient, 1,373; discharged for misconduct, 3,530; invalided, 3,900; died, 901. Total, 10,948. To calculate the exact loss involved would entail great labour, and I am not prepared to give approximate figures which would be misleading.