HC Deb 21 March 1904 vol 132 c224

To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he will explain, under the new system of payment adopted by the Commissioners of National Education in April, 1900 why first class salary is denied to teachers who obtained by examination the second division of second class in July, 1897, and the first division of second class, with special distinction, at the end of their training course in July, 1899, and who have given four years efficient service as principal teachers without receiving first class salary, while under the rule then prevailing it was only necessary to serve two years to entitle them to this benefit.

(Answered by Mr. Wyndham.) Class salary has been abolished since the new system of payments came into operation after the 1st April, 1900. The system of promotion of teachers by examination and service in force up to April, 1900, has been also abolished from same time (Rule 195A). The teachers referred to were only in the second class when the new rules came into operation, and were not entitled to first class salary. In every case where the Commissioners considered the new rules operated inequitably they gave special consideration to such cases, and if any particular case is brought under notice it will be considered.