HC Deb 14 March 1904 vol 131 c981

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Board of Education whether he will state the number of cases now pending in which the approval of the Board is sought for the erection or enlargement of a denominational school in lieu of a provided school under the Education Act, 1902; whether he will state in how many of such cases the applications are from the Roman Catholic and Church of England denominations respectively; and how many local inquiries have been held, or are pending, relative to such cases.


I am not aware of any cases at all in which a denominational school has been erected, or enlarged, in lieu of an existing provided or council school. The only cases of substitution are of council or provided schools for denominational schools. Fifty-four such substitutions have been completed, and seventy-six others are in process of completion. The Question in the second paragraph does not arise. In answer to the third paragraph there have been three public inquiries as to the provision of new denominational schools, two of which have been refused; the report of the third has not yet been received. Two other inquiries are pending.