HC Deb 11 March 1904 vol 131 c852

To ask the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether he will explain on what grounds the Inland Revenue Commissioners omit to make the statutory deduction of one-sixth of the full annual value when assessing for land tax a dwelling house in a remission parish, seeing that by the Finance Act, 1896, provision is made for the assessment of land tax on the value as determined for the purpose of Schedule A in the Income-Tax Act, 1842, and by the latter Act a deduction of one-sixth of the full annual value is required to be made.

(Answered by Mr. Victor Cavendish.) The deduction of one-sixth granted by Section 35 of the Finance Act of 1894 (not the Income-Tax Act of 1842), does not reduce the annual value for Income-Tax purposes, but is only an allowance made "for the purposes of collection" after the annual value of the property has been ascertained.