HC Deb 09 March 1904 vol 131 cc558-9

To ask the Secretary of State for India if a statement can be presented showing particulars relating to recent working of the modern system of Indian currency; the net export of gold from India during the latter half of last year and the month of January in the present year, stating what amount or proportion of the total has been received here on State account; what amounts of gold were held by the Indian Government at the end of January in the Currency Reserve, the Government Treasuries, and the Gold Reserve Fund, including the amount of the latter invested in Consols; what is the total number of sovereigns disbursed in the above period in payment of the Indian Government's public works material, salaries, and other current charges; and the number of sovereigns, in lieu of Rs. 15, that have been received by the Indian Government for land revenue, Customs, or other fiscal liabilities.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Brodrick.) Exports and Imports of Gold—Exports from 1st July to 31st December, 1903, £4,571,700, of which £3,267,700 was consigned to the Secretary of State. Imports, £6,640,300. Net Imports, £2,068,600. Complete figures for January have not yet been received from India. Gold in possession of Government of India, 31st January, 1904; in Currency Reserve, £9,207,000; in Treasuries. £145,000; in Gold Reserve Fund, £500,000; British Securities held on behalf of the Gold Reserve Fund, 31st January, 1904—£4,762,150 (amount of stock held). Receipts and disbursements of sovereigns—The Government of India have informed me that for the reason given in the reply to the hon. Member's Question of Kith July, 1903, † it is not possible to furnish the information asked for concerning the disbursements of sovereigns in payment for public works, etc., and the receipts for land revenue, etc.