HC Deb 30 June 1904 vol 137 cc144-5
MR. KEARLEY (Devonport)

To ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether he is aware that, because of their failure to provide a sufficient number of instructors to the Naval Volunteer divisions, the Volunteers themselves are, in several cases, paying coast-guardsmen to give the instruction necessary to enable them to earn their capitation grants; and whether, seeing that the Naval Volunteer regulations contain no provision for paying the travelling expenses of the men to and from their rifle ranges or boating grounds, and that a number of the Volunteers are working men upon whom such financial burdens press heavily, the recommendations set forth in paragraph 57 of the Report of the recent Royal Commission on the Militia and Volunteers will apply to the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

(Answered by Mr. Pretyman.) The Admiralty have had the temporary difficulty in regard to instructors for Naval Volunteers brought to their notice; and it is believed that it is now practically overcome. They are not aware that any company of Naval Volunteers is now without an instructor except in the case of one company in the Clyde division, to which a man has been nominated, and his appointment is now under consideration. The Admiralty has approved the grant of an allowance to meet the expense of travelling to boating grounds, gun drill places, and ride ranges.