HC Deb 30 June 1904 vol 137 c142

Return ordered, "specifying the Ports on the Continent which are Free Ports, and giving the following information with respect to each of these Ports:

  1. (1) Area of the Free Port.
  2. (2) Whether the Free Port is portion of a larger Port area.
  3. (3) Entries and Clearances of Foreign-going Shipping during the past ten years (a) in the Country to which the Free Ports belongs; and (b) in the Port of which the Free Port forms a part.
  4. (4) Whether there is any and, if so, what taxation of goods loaded or discharged in the Free Port.
  5. (5) What are the arrangements for the collection of Import and Export Duties on goods passing between the Free Port and the General Customs jurisdiction of the Country.
  6. (6) Nature of inspection under which loading or discharge is carried on in the Free Port.
  7. (7) Classes of Trade (transit or otherwise) for which the Free Port is mainly used."—(Mr. Charles McArthur.)