HC Deb 23 June 1904 vol 136 c973

To ask the hon. Member for North Huntingdonshire, as representing the Board of Agriculture, what has been the amount spent for each of the last four financial years in dealing with swine fever, anthrax, glanders, and sheep scab respectively.

(Answered by Mr. Ailwyn Fellowes.)The net expenditure incurred by the Board in respect of swine fever for each of the last four financial years has been as follows:—

1900–1 50,722
1901–2 56,991
1902–3 45,442
1903–4 53,300

The Board have incurred no expenditure specially attributable to anthrax, glanders, or sheep scab, the conduct of operations against those diseases being in the hands of local authorities, of whose expenditure the Board have no record.