HC Deb 22 June 1904 vol 136 cc818-9

I beg to ask I the Secretary of State for the Colonies what was the original estimate per mile for each section of the Gold Coast Railway; and whether the cost of actual construction recently given as £10,300 per mile includes administration and engineering charges in England; and, if not, how much per mile should be added to cover these and all other incidental charges and contingencies as included in the estimated cost of the railway.


The Gold Coast Railway was authorised in two sections, Sekondi-Tarkwa and Tarkwa-Kumasi. The estimate for the Sekondi-Tarkwa section was £6,000 per mile. This estimate did not include the jetties and wharves at Sekondi or the additional accommodation afterwards provided at Sekondi for the traffic of the Kumasi extension. The estimate for the Kumasi extension was £5,193 per mile. But the route eventually adopted differed materially from that on which this estimate was based, and while a more direct line was secured, the difficulties of construction were largely increased. The £10,300 per mile referred to includes administration and engineering charges in England.