HC Deb 16 June 1904 vol 136 cc272-3

To ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies what was the decision of the Transvaal Supreme Court in a case recently brought by certain British-Indian subjects against the Government of the Transvaal for refusing to grant them a right to trade; and what action the Government of the Transvaal proposes, take in the matter.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Lyttelton) 1. The decision was that the plaintiff, to whom a renewal of his licences to trade outside a location had been refused, in accordance with the interpretation of the law by the High Court of the late Republic, was, on payment of the licence moneys, entitled to receive such licences. The Court reversed the decision of the late High Court, and held that the law does not apply to trading but only to residence. 2. I am not yet in a position to make any statement in reply to the latter part of the hon. Member's Question. I am in communication with Lord Milner on the subject.