HC Deb 13 June 1904 vol 135 cc1467-8

To ask the Secretary to the Admiralty if the yacht "Enchantress" is now in commission; what is the difference between her cost as finished and the estimate on which the order was given; where did the speed trials take place, and what was the realised speed as compared with the speed contracted for; did coal consumption trials take place and, if so, what were the results; and what was the duration of the speed, and coal consumption trials respectively.

(Answered by Mr. Pretyman.) Through inadvertence an incorrect figure was given in reply to the second part of the hon. Member's Question of 9th instant.† The accepted contract price for the yacht "Enchantress" was £120,882. Certain additions asked for since the contract was made amount to £3,701 0s. 4d., making a total of £124,583 0s. 4d., as stated in my answer of the 29th March last.‡


To ask the Secretary to the Admiralty if it is †See page 1210. ‡See (4) Debates, cxxxii., 959. customary to accept vessels which have not fulfilled conditions of contract; whether any attempt was made in the case of the "Enchantress" to get eighteen knots speed; what was the highest speed attained, and what power was developed at that speed; what was the horse power developed on the trial at fifteen knots, and what number of runs on the measured mile did it consist of; of what duration was the coal consumption trial at fifteen knots, and was it carried out in the customary Admiralty fashion; what is the stability of the "Enchantress" with water in boilers, bunkers full, and stores on board, but without ballast; has it been necessary to add any ballast for stability purposes; and, if so, how much; have the Admiralty definitely accepted the vessel; and has the final instalment been paid.

(Answered by Mr. Pretyman.) Taking the different sections of the hon. Member's Question seriatim, the replies are as follows:—

  1. 1. No.
  2. 2. Yes.
  3. 3.17.5 knots, i.h.p. 6,077.
  4. 4. i.h.p. 2,829 for 14.892 knots. Four runs, i.h.p. 3,191 for 15.22 knots for 24 hours.
  5. 5. 24 hours. Yes.
  6. 6. Metacentric height 16 inches.
  7. 7. Yes.
  8. 8. 200 tons.
  9. 9. No.
  10. 10. No.