HC Deb 07 June 1904 vol 135 cc923-4

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India if he will state what is the total amount of the funds contributed by the chiefs, princes, and people of India, either as direct donations or through their local Governments, to the Imperial Institute; what is the proportion of that amount which has been spent on the erection of the Institute and on its endowment, respectively; what has been the total cost to Indian revenues of the Indian section of the Institute since its foundation; also the present annual giant made by India for its upkeep, and towards the maintenance of the Research Department; and what are the special benefits that India is deriving from the expenditure under the last-mentioned heading.


The total sum subscribed by India for the Imperial Institute was £114,528. As the Indian subscriptions were paid into the general fund, aggregating £426,000, from which the Institute was built and endowed, it is not possible to say to what extent they were appropriated for the building or for the endowment. The total of the annual grants from Indian revenues for the maintenance of the Indian section over a period of thirteen years amounted to £20,361 up to 31st March, 1904. The Indian Government expended 10,000 rupees on a collection of raw products, which from time to time it has supplemented and renewed. The present annual grant for the maintenance of the section is £1,525, which includes a sum of £200 as a contribution to the Research Department of the Institute in return for laboratory reports on Indian products. This work is done on behalf, and at the instance, of the Government of India, and is important and valuable.