HC Deb 27 July 1904 vol 138 c1324

To ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies what compensation has been offered to Lucy Scotland, British subject, for her ill-treatment by the Venezuelan authorities; whether full inquiry has been made into her case by His Britannic Majesty's Minister at Caracas; whether the compensation awarded her corresponds to that awarded other British subjects; and what steps the Government intend taking in the matter.

(Answered by. Mr. Secretary Lyttelton.) £150 has been awarded to Lucy Scotland, on account of the ill-treatment received by her at the hands of Venezuelan officials in 1892, out of the £5,500 paid by the Venezuelan Government in respect of the claim, of British subjects for outrages and maltreatment. The facts of the case are well known to His Majesty's Government, and no further inquiry into them was necessary, but some delay in the actual payment, and correspondence with His Majesty's Minister at Caracas, has been involved owing to uncertainty as to the claimant's present address. It has now been ascertained that she is herself in French Guiana, but that she wishes the indemnity sent to the Governor of Dominica, her native place, with whom she proposes to communicate. The Governor of the Colony has accordingly been authorised to pay the amount to Lucy Scotland or to her duly accredited agent. The compensation was assessed after careful consideration and having due regard to the facts of the case, and to the amounts granted by His Majesty's Government to other claimants in like circumstances.