HC Deb 12 July 1904 vol 137 cc1354-5
MR. LEAM (Kildare, N.)

To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland if he is aware that the quarter cask of whisky, containing about 62 gallons, which had been- procured by the guardians of the Naas Union for the † See page 27. use of the inmates, has become not potable owing to having been reduced by water which was subsequently found to have been polluted, and that the Local Government Board has ordered it to be destroyed; and, if so, whether, seeing that the duty has been paid on it, the Commissioners of Inland Revenue will either refund the duty or make some allowance in respect thereof, seeing that the guardians were at the loss of the material and have had to replace it.

(Answered by Mr. Wyndham.) The facts are as stated. The workhouse master who was responsible for the loss has since been required to resign. The guardians communicated with the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, and were informed that the latter have no power to make any repayment of duty in respect of spirits which have passed out of Revenue control.

Value of Output. Number of coloured (Natives) at work. Number of white men at work.
June, 1904 1,309,231 68,857 Not available.
January, 1904 1,231,418 69,159 12,814
February, 1904 1,234,927 72,177 12,801
March, 1904 1,310,667 73,667 12,681
April, 1904 1,305,431 73,246 12,740
May, 1904 1,335,826 70,778 Not available.

Value of Output. Average number of coloured (Natives) at work. Average number of whites at work.
July to December, 1901 899,402 13,248 2,552
January to June, 1902 2,827,385 24,527 5,627
July to December, 1902 4,456,279 35,264 9,337
January to June, 1903 5,587,510 52,487 11,233
July to December, 1903 7,040,547 64,162 12,401
January to June, 1904 7,727,400 72,062 12,758
(average for January to April) (average for January to April)