HC Deb 05 July 1904 vol 137 cc646-7
MR. P. A. MCHUGH (Leitrim, N)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that the principal teacher of Kilrusheighter (county Sligo) National School taught agriculture for the period commencing in October, 1899, and ending in July, 1900, and was paid £12 17s. 6d. in February, 1901, on account of such tuition in that period, and that the Commissioners of National Education in calculating the consolidated income of this teacher refused to take into account the portion of that sum (£7 14s. 6d.) which was earned by him for the period from 1st October, 1899, to 31st March, 1900, and assigned as the ground of their refusal the fact that the payment for his tuition in agriculture for the period from October, 1899, to July, 1900, was not made until February, 1901; and, if so, whether, seeing that under Rule 200 the Commissioners were bound to include all emoluments actually earned from State sources within the three years ended 31st March, 1900, the application of the manager, Very Rev. John Melvin, P.P., for a revision of this teacher's salary will be granted.


The claims of this teacher have formed the subject of a correspondence between myself and the Rev. Mr. Melvin, a copy of which I recently communicated to the hon. Member. As already pointed out, the Commissioners had no power to take into account, when fixing the consolidated income of the teacher, a payment made subsequently to the 31st March, 1900. But even if payment had been made before that date, it was never contemplated by the rules that grants covering, as in this case, services rendered for a period of only six months should be continued in perpetuity under the form of consolidated income.

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