HC Deb 04 July 1904 vol 137 cc485-6

I beg to ask the Postmaster-General if he will authorise a supplementary mail bag to be despatched from Belfast for London and other English towns, viâ Greenore and Holyhead, by the train leading Belfast at 6.45 p.m., and arriving in London at 7.30 a.m., thus giving the public of Belfast more than an hour extra in which to reply to their English correspondence.


As the hon. Member is no doubt aware there are already three dispatches in the evening from Belfast of London correspondence. It hardly appears that the expense involved for a fourth despatch would be justified. I am, however, in correspondense with the railway companies in regard to an acceleration of the Stranraer service which, if afforded, would, I hope, go far to meet the wishes of the public in Belfast. I may point out to the hon. Member that there is already a later service from Belfast (viâ Fleetwood) than the service viâ Greenore which he wishes to be used, and that letters sent viâ Fleetwood arrive in London in ample time to be answered the same afternoon.