HC Deb 24 February 1904 vol 130 cc843-4

To ask the Secretary of State for War, having regard to the fact that in Bermuda the permanent barracks are not sufficient to accommodate the troops there, and that both officers and men have to live in bell tents, whether he would provide them with more convenient and suitable tents; and whether, seeing that three-fifths of the married men on the strength at Bermuda have to leave their families behind, contrary to the terms of engagement, he will consider the advisability of removing this cause of dissatisfaction.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Arnold-Forster.) The point raised concerning the nature of the tents provided for the officers and men will be referred to the General Officer Commanding for his consideration. Practically the whole of the accommodation at the station is under reconstruction at the present time, and additional married quarters are being provided as fast as possible under the Military Works Loan. In the meantime the families who are separated from the troops are drawing separation allowance. It must be pointed out that the provision of quarters for families on the married strength does not form part of the terms of engagement.