HC Deb 10 February 1904 vol 129 c1313
MR. H. D. GREENE (Shrewsbury)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he can state the number of Court-martial proceedings which in the year 1903 were submitted to the Judge Advocate General's Department in London; in how many cases findings were quashed; in how many cases in which soldiers were sentenced the punishment or part of it had been served before the findings were quashed, or before a remission of the whole or part of the sentence; and whether any, and what, steps have been taken to check the increase of illegalities of Courts-martial.


During 1903 the proceedings of 11,232 Courts-martial were received in the Judge Advocate General's Office, and in 72 cases the proceedings were wholly quashed. In all cases in which a sentence of imprisonment had been confirmed and then ultimately quashed by the Judge Advocate General, a portion, at least, of the sentence had necessarily been served. As regards the last part of the Question, a circular letter has been recently issued to General Officers Commanding, with the object of preventing the cases of illegality in future.


Having regard to the fact that the Judge Advocate General is no longer a Minister responsible to this House——


Order, order! Notice must be given of the Question.