HC Deb 03 February 1904 vol 129 c194

Ordered, That no Bills, other than Government Bills, be introduced in anticipation of the ballot, and that all Members who desire to ballot, whether for Bills, or Motions for Tuesday, 9th February, and Tuesday, 16th February, and Wednesday, 10th February, and Wednesday, 17th February, do hand in their names at the Table during the sitting of the House on the first or second day of the session, and that a copy of such Notices be handed in, at the latest, during the sitting of the House on the third day of the session. That the ballot for the precedence of the said Bills and Motions be taken on the third day on which the House sits, at a convenient time and place, to be appointed by Mr. Speaker, and that the presentation of Bills on the fourth sitting day be taken as soon after Twelve o'clock as Mr. Speaker may deem convenient.—(Mr. Secretary Akers-Douglas.)