HC Deb 05 August 1904 vol 139 cc1219-20

The Instruction standing on the Paper in the name of the hon. Member for the Barnstaple Division of Devonshire to divide Clause 1 into three clauses is, I am authorised by Mr. Speaker to say, in his opinion, out of order on the ground that it is mandatory.

MR. SOARES (Devonshire, Barnstaple)

Of course, Sir, I accept your ruling at once, but perhaps I may ask as a point of order when the important point raised by the Instruction can be brought before the House. I presume it would not be in order to bring it up on a Motion to postpone Clause 1, and I really cannot see what opportunity there can be if it is refused now. It involves a constitutional point of the greatest gravity, because if the Government are entitled to roll three clauses into one for the purpose—


Order, order ! The hon. Member is not entitled to argue the Question or to make a speech.


Then, Sir, will you answer the Question I have put to you?


I am afraid I can give no other Answer than that the Instruction is out of order because it is mandatory.