HC Deb 04 August 1904 vol 139 cc986-7

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland what steps does the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland intend to take with reference to the sums, with interest and accumulations thereon, now representing the sums of £3,183 7s. 3d. India Stock, and £1,411 5s. 6d. cash for interest thereon, paid to the Crown in March, 1879, by Madame de l'Herault, as widow and administratrix of Victor Lucy de l'Herault, who died intestate in November, 1869, without next-of-kin, such sums being a moiety of the personal estate of her said husband; and whether, having regard to the fact that now, after the lapse of thirty-five years, notwithstanding numerous and expensive inquiries by the Crown, no next-of-kin of the said Victor Lucy de l'Herault have been discovered; that in July, 1880, the Crown restored to the widow leasehold and freehold property owned by M. de l'Herault; that in January, 1900, the Attorney-General for Ireland, pending further inquiries with reference to the ascertainment of next-of-kin, ordered the dividends on the fund in hand to be paid to Madame de l'Herault, who, however, died in the July following, bequeathing the fund, if restored by the Crown, among certain of her blood relations in indigent circumstances; and that the said fund consisted of money which originally belonged in large measure to Madame de l'Herault herself, the Crown will consider the propriety of releasing this fund to Mr. Cullen, the legal personal representative of Madame de l'Herault, who will carry out the tenets of her will and give the guarantee of the Loan Guarantee Society against any claim by any of the next-of-kin, if such there be, of M. de l'Herault.


When this case was last before the Attorney-General he gave such directions as he thought would meet the necessities of the case, but in view of the matters stated in the Question I will again refer the case to him for further consideration.