HC Deb 04 August 1904 vol 139 cc965-6

To ask the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that Civil Service clerks have to work only forty-eight hours a week; that they are paid at rate and one-half for all Sunday work; that they are entitled to an increase of pay at rate of £5 5s. a year till the maximum salary is reached; that they are paid full salary for six months in case of illness, and half salary for six months more; that they are paid sixpence an hour in addition to regular wages when absent from the offices at which they are regularly employed, and that they receive a pension when retiring from the service; that assistant postmasters have greater responsibilities than ordinary Civil Service clerks; that they are compelled to work fifty-six hours each week; that they receive no pay for Sunday work; that they are paid a fixed salary of 12s. to 15s. a week; that all pay is stopped from them during illness; that they are paid only three half-pence an hour when doing duty at offices other than those to which they are attached; and that they are not entitled to any pension; and, if so, whether, in view of the difference in the conditions of service of assistant postmasters and Civil servants, he will allow the former to be included with the others in the postal service whose alleged grievances will be made the subject of investigation by the Committee of Inquiry which is about to be appointed.

(Answered by Lord Stanley.) It is not clear to what class of post office servants the hon. Member is referring. I am not aware of any class bearing the designation of "assistant postmasters," nor am I aware that any Committee of Inquiry is about to be appointed to investigate the alleged grievances of the postal service. If the hon. Member will give me further particulars I shall be glad to give him any information I can.