HC Deb 18 April 1904 vol 133 c377

I beg to ask the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if the attention of the Government has been called to the action of the United States in imposing an extra dollar duty on each barrel of mackerel from Ireland; and whether, in order to prevent injury by this extra duty to an Irish industry, some representations will be made to the American Government on the subject.


A ruling has been given by the Board of General Appraisers based on an earlier decision regarding limes imported in brine which has the effect of imposing a duty on both brine and fish at the rate applicable. No actual tariff alteration, however, has taken place, and there is a right of appeal from the decisions of the Board of General Appraisers to the Circuit Court of the district in which disputes arise. Under certain circumstances a further appeal may be made to the Supreme Court of the United States. At the present stage, therefore, it would be of no use to address a representation to the United States on the subject.


As this affects a considerable industry in Ireland, will the noble Lord closely watch his opportunity and make representations when they are likely to have good results.


Yes, I think I can promise that.