HC Deb 20 May 1903 vol 122 cc1224-5
MR. BRYCE (Aberdeen, S.)

The First Lord of the Treasury has already announced that the House will adjourn for the Whitsuntide holidays on the Thursday of next week. It would be to the convenience of Members who desire to make their arrangements if the right hon. Gentleman can say whether he proposes to take the Motion for the Adjournment on the Wednesday or the Thursday.


It is rather difficult to answer that question until I know more about the progress the House is likely to make with the business immediately in hand. I still hope with some confidence that we may be able to finish the Committee stage of the London Education Bill and the Second Reading of the Budget Bill before we separate for the Whitsuntide holidays. [OPPOSITION cries of "Oh!"] Well, I think we ought to do that. Of course it is not in my power, nor is it my desire, to force the House to do so. If I cannot make that arrangement, I will ask the House to take the Second Reading of the Budget on the Tuesday after we return. The Monday will be devoted to Supply; and if we dispose of the Budget before we separate I will take Supply also on the Tuesday. The right hon. Gentleman will see that I cannot at present give him any information as to the day on which we will take the Motion for the holidays. It will depend on the progress we make with these two Bills.


Having followed closely the discussion on the Education Bill, I cannot see any prospect of disposing of it before the holidays in time to allow for other business to be entered on. We are only at the beginning of Clause 2, and on the remaining Clauses and on the Schedule there are many difficult and intricate questions to be raised.


If the right hon. Gentleman would take the Budget before the holidays we would have more time to consider the Education Bill.


And if we postpone the Budget until after the holidays the hon. Gentleman will have more time to consider the Budget.


May I suggest to the right hon. Gentleman that, considering the quarter from which the main opposition to the Budget comes, he should put it down on Derby day?