HC Deb 06 May 1903 vol 121 cc1503-4
MR. HERBERT SAMUEL (Yorkshire, Cleveland)

To ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, whether he is aware that the town of Entebbe, the administrative capital of the Uganda Protectorate, has no water supply other than water carried by porters from the lake, and that this water is contaminated by sewage; whether the local medical officers have made any recommendations on this subject; and if so, whether their recommendations will be carried into effect.

(Answered by Lord Cranborne.) The water supply at Entebbe is receiving the attentive consideration of the Commissioner and his medical advisers. Suggestions have been made for bringing the water in pipes from some distance out in the lake and for digging wells, but hitherto the reports we have received upon the quality of the water have not been unfavourable. The local authorities have a free hand within reasonable limits, and are alive to the importance of the question.